My journey, as most journeys are, has been a winding road with blind crests, potholes, and free wheeling downhill descents. Along my journey I have learned that, oftentimes, blessings come in disguise.

The disguise for my blessing is gluten, capsicum, and dairy intolerances combined with peri-oral dermatitis that is so painful and swollen at times I feel unable to be in public, and fatigue and pain which slays me for weeks at a time. I haven’t had these issues all of my life.

I first started to feel unwell at about 22. Then my health took a significant turn for the worse at 27. I had constant gut pain and upsets, I was putting on weight although I was active and not over-eating, I couldn’t retain any muscle despite training hard, and I was always tired. And my hair was falling out. It was getting so thin that I could see my scalp when lit from above by fluorescent lighting.

I’ve never tested positive to any allergy or disease. I knew that I was sick but I didn’t know why.

I’m a lawyer. Lawyers find answers to problems by researching and collecting evidence, and drawing the best conclusion from what is known. So when no reason could be found from a medical test, I got my lawyer on. With help from a dietician I went on an elimination diet and discovered my intolerances.

In six weeks I realised that what I was eating was also causing night terrors, anxiety, and an all over body ache that I didn’t know I had until it was gone. In a few months I had lost all of the 14 kilos of painfully retained fluid in my system, and I was no longer hostage to a painful gut. My joints felt freer and my sleep lovely and calm.

My journey has brought a new confusion and new questions to investigate. What ingredients do I need to avoid? Why is this better than that? Does organic matter at all? How does what I consume impact the planet? What about the animals? Food miles? Is raw better? What would Grok do? I miss pastry… I feel like I’m missing out.

When I reinvented the way I cooked and how I approached my food to become more seasonal and nutrient focussed, I discovered something I didn’t intend: I felt more JOYFUL. I felt plugged in and open-hearted. I felt connected. I have always been concerned with the welfare of our planet but felt powerless and disheartened. Those stresses about what good I was doing eased as I realised that all of the changes I was making for my own health were better for the planet as well.

Holy shitballs, have I learned a lot.

SO, what can I do for YOU?

I’m taking my passions and using them for the forces of happiness! My dream is to take my skills of research and love of information about all things, combine that with my passions, and present to you the wonderful world of YOU and how amazing you are so that you might live with a light heart and a light footprint. Lets face it, happy people cost less to run and that it a great outcome for everyone!

 What will you find here?

Compassion for our humanity

I have learned on my journey is that humans are animals. Wonderful, complex, intricate, emotional animals. We are perfectly designed for an integrated relationship with our Earth, and we are in fact the happiest when we allow this relationship to flourish.

I find it so amazing that we have sages throughout human history who have been able to pinpoint these systems that modern scientists explain as evolutionary successes, which now malfunction and go toward causing some of our discontent.

I also find it amazing that when we flow with the seasons, when we engage with the big wide world and the small backyard in the right ratio for us, and when we take care of ourselves and each other you’ll find a light heart and a lighter footprint on the Earth.

Love for the Earth

Seasonal recipes and connection, exploration of traditions of old and other cultures, exploration of the issues concerning our natural environment, celebrations of how the world and space changes around us, and a celebration of our animal nature. We are part of the Earth, after all!

Love for all creatures

Rumi encapsulates so beautifully how I feel about animals perfectly in this poem.

The lamps are different, but the Light is the same: it comes from Beyond.  If thou keep looking at the lamp, thou art lost: for thence arises the appearance of number and plurality.    Fix thy gaze upon the Light, and thou art delivered from the dualism inherent in the finite body…The Faithful are many, but their Faith is one; their bodies are numerous, but their soul is one. Rumi


I know he’s talking about how all faiths are the same and how all people are equal, but I think that this though applies equality to non-humans. I see a reflection of our own divinity in other beings of all kinds. When you connect with that beauty, compassion and love can only flow.

A commitment to equality

In exactly the same way I feel about animals, I feel about all people. Yes, some of us have issues. But we are all worthy of respect and understanding. Domestic violence, asylum seekers and refugees, marriage equality, equality between the sexes, government sponsorship or cover-up of cruelty of any kind…so many other issues… all come back to the basic understanding that we are all the same and deserving of comfort and the love of another.

No bullshit

Cosmetics and food. Industries plagued by bullshit at all levels. I have so many sensitivities and I just can’t afford spending my health on bullshit. So, you won’t find any here. I will always speak plainly and point out what ingredients are not worthwhile and which are. I will not promote any product which I do not or cannot use myself.

I don’t know all the things about all the things, so I might get things wrong sometimes. If you think there is something amiss, let’s start a conversation!


I love to make things. I think it teaches us a lot about patience, problem solving, the value of an item, and how we can grow. I love that old fashioned crafts are seeing a resurgence in popularity and that new designers are making modern and relevant patterns for us to follow. I also love that the land of blog has so many wonderful crafters of all kinds who share their adventures (and misadventures!) so we can all learn together.

YouTube is a how-to-knit channel, right?

Freedom of expression, so sometimes a bit of swearing

I can’t help it. I swear. It’s part of me! Bugger it!

I’m still learning to embrace all that I am and show my Self to other people.  Tattoos, dress, hairstyles, and how social perception works with our own sense of who we are and where we fit in… it’s fascinating stuff. For me, it all comes back to looking at the light in the lamp, and seeing how we are the same rather than how we are different. I’m getting there!

I don’t include poor grammar in freedom of expression! Evvvvveeeeeer.