A Well Seasoned Winter



I love Winter. Really! The crisp air, the cooling and slowing of life, the promise of a good book and a sunlit couch, and the wonderful warm meals with steam that fog your glasses and warm your heart.

I am invigorated by the contrast on the warm indoors with the fresh icy kisses of the out-of-doors.

The clear nights are perfect for looking at the stars, and the rains bring the bush to new green vigour, perfect for a well scented explore.

The recipes in this guide are designed to weave together and inspire new seasonal creations. They are simple and rustic, densely nutritious, and adaptable to whichever variety of produce you have to hand. No prescriptions here!


– 30+ recipes celebrating the flavours of Winter: pancakes, porridge, roast veg every which way, broth and soups, eggy tarts, cakes, and an immune system boosting tea! All are gluten free, without processed sugars, paleo friendly. Above all, the food in here is of low environmental impact.

– A market guide focussing on pears, citrus, and Winter Greens

– A stargazing guide for the Winter skies – new items for your pantry: coconut flour, buckwheat flour, and coconut oil

– fruit and vegetables that are in peak season until December.


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