Step into another’s Umwelt

Look, Daddy! Read more on lightenupblog.coRad has a happeeee. Read more on lightenupblog.coWe had the opportunity to take our one year old Essie to Articulated Intersect on
Monday night. It’s part of the Dark Mofo celebrations. We can see the lights moving in the sky from our deck; reflected on the clouds, disappearing in the dark, moving with the encouragement of their drivers on the docks below. It’s wonderful to be able to experience that fun from such a long way back. We decided that we had to have a go ourselves of course!

It’s a gift to be able to experience new things through someone else’s eyes. It doesn’t matter if that experience is old or new for you. Feeling that heart skipping moment of wonder and joy is a beautiful thing. I never thought I would have the energy to be a teacher of any kind. I have always had so much respect for those who can give so much of themselves so that we can learn from their many forms of wisdom. I understand now that it is in fact a two way transaction.

And what an experience we had! Cooing and calling out, pointing, waving to other people who were also enjoying themselves. The smile that lit up the faces of strangers in the night. Just wonderful.

We adults lose the ability for this sort of joy as we age and harden off our hearts. It is so expansive to experience these feelings through another little lens. Children are so much more connected that what we adults are. Animals, too. The joy of a fresh smell. A walk.  A cuddle. A new toy. Stealing a sock from the laundry pile and instigating a game of chase.

Placing yourself in another’s Umwelt, or their environment as seen through their eyes, is well…. an eye opening experience.

Every day we have the opportunity to look at life through an unclouded lens. I am so glad for each and every opportunity.